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Facial Palsy

Facial palsy can be an incredibly challenging condition to live with. The muscles of the face become paralysed because of either underdeveloped facial nerves or damage to the nerve. This prevents you from making facial expressions like smiling, on the affected part of the face. It’s also possible there may be some level of facial asymmetry.

It isn’t just the appearance of the face that can be affected. Important functions like closing the eye may be difficult. This is especially true with older patients and it can cause visual impairments and secondary corneal damage if it remains untreated. It is often caused by Bell’s Palsy. It’s also possible it could be a congenital defect caused at birth.

While it often affects just one side of the face, it can affect both. Trauma to the nerves, cranial tumour excision, inflammation and localised infections can also lead to facial palsy. Mr Paul Tulley can offer various procedures, which will depend upon the severity and type of problem caused by the condition. Your age and health will also need to be taken into account when creating a treatment plan.

What options are there to treat facial palsy?

Various surgeries can be performed to treat facial palsy including procedures to enable you to smile, to correct asymmetry and to help close the eye. If the condition is caused by a recent trauma, a facial nerve decompression may be carried out to relieve any pressure on the nerve.

If your eye has been affected, oculoplastic surgeries may be required to improve dryness, protect the function of the eye and treat watery eyes. Rejuvenating procedures are also common and they aim to improve the symmetry of the face and treat common drooping issues caused by facial palsy. These can include a brow lift, fat grafting and a face lift.

All aspects of the procedure and recovery will be discussed with you in full during the consultation. You’ll also be able to establish the kind of results you can expect from the surgeries being carried out.

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